De 5 - års danse 2018/2019





I Close My Eyes

Hazel Pace

Ich Mach Meine Augen Zu

Chris Norman & Nino de Angelo

Love Flow

Niels Poulsen

Let Your Love Flow

The Bellamy Brothers

Why Did It Have To Be Me

Annette Nielsen

:Why Did It Have To Be Me

Josh Dylan, Lily James & Hugh Skinner

Get It Right

Maddison Glover

Hard Not To Love It

Steve Moakler

One Hundred

Niels Poulsen

One Hundred

Ida Corr


2017 / 2018


Lonely Drum

Darren Mitchell

Lotte Tøttrup

Every Time She Walks By

Heather Barton

Tina Ottesen


Rachael McEnaney-White

Charlotte Staugaard

Early In The Morning

Daisy Simons

Lone Ansbjerg

The Most Beautiful Girl

Niels Poulsen

Niels Poulsen